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Other Animals For Sale that have not been listed on the other pages. Check the other pages also. Located in Anna, IL. We can deliver, if needed, for extra. Check a map before responding. If it is listed on here, then it is still for sale.
This page will be updated as the animals sell, so check back often =)

3 year old, Blue eyed, Nigerian Dwarf Nanny. She is an excellent mom with a great udder. No papers. $450

White, Nigerian Dwarf mix nanny, She gets very soft cashmere hair in the winter. She is friendly, she's a great mom. No papers, $350

This guy is a Nigerian Dwarf Buckling. He was born March 2018 and is ready now. His price is $275 no papers.

Blue Eyed Nigerian Dwarf doeling $400 no papers

Nigerian Dwarf Doe $500, no papers, excellent mother

Nigerian Dwarf Doe, excellent mother $500

Nice white buck, born spring 2017. $150

2 Blue Eyed Nigerian Dwarf Doelings $400 each, no papers

Super cute white doeling $275, no papers

Nigerian Dwarf Doeling $275

Buck born 2017, no papers $150

Nigora Doeling with 2 blue eyes. $450

Blue Eyed Buck, born spring 2017 $250, no papers


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