Photos around the farm~some animals are for sale Photos around the farm~some animals are for sale spotted appy mini LLama 62024961 Sybil the Coatimundi and a great dane puppy I love this pic. This is Sybil the Coatimundi and Artemis a great Dane puppy that we no longer have. 120164816 Chloe with colt This colt has been sold, but she has another one that looks just like it on the ground now. 123179834 Caspian~Sold Caspian is such a sweet heart. He is super gentle. He leads, loads, stands for the farrier and for grooming. I have AMHR papers for him. 123179837 123179838 Nigerian Dwarf Nannies 123181871 123184314 Alice~SOLD 123184315 Nigerian dwarf nanny 123184316 123184318 123184321 123184322 Moshi~Sold 125971384 125971385 Moshi, Mini Scottish Highlander This is Moshi. He is a Mini Scottish Highlander Bull calf. He is a year old in this pic. 125971386 125971389 125971390 125971391 Nigerian Dwarf Nanny 152405224 Nigerian Dwarf Nanny 152405225 Mini Hereford Cow We no longer have her 152405227 Ducks on the pond 152405228 Ducks from Dutch Village 152405229 Nigerian Dwarf Doe born 2011 152405230 Sebastapol Gander 152405231 Spanky the Himalayan Kitty Spanky on mouse patrol 153618796 Tulip~Nigerian Dwarf Doe, blue eyes Tulip is a beautiful, blue eyed Nigerian Dwarf Doe 153618797 Nigerian Dwarf Nanny 153618798 153618799 Mini Hereford Cow relaxing She is such a gentle cow. 153618801 Blue Roan mini Stud AMHR registered, blue roan mini stud 153618802 Mini Herefore/Dexter cross calf SOLD he has been banded, so he can be a pet or if you want, he can be used for beef. SOLD 153618804 Hereford Pigs~Gilts These girls are not going to be eaten. The one on the left is a full hereford pig. Her name is Moo, and the one on the right is an old spot/hereford mix. Her name is Gertty. They are both nice, friendly pigs. 153618805 Mini Hereford mom and previous bull calf This picture is to show size compared to the fence. They are nice small cattle. 156253932 Raindrop Raindrop is a beautiful, blue eyed Nigerian Dwarf Doe. Rising Creek FarmBlue Skies Registered with ADGS/NDGSAGS 156039663 Moshi knocking around the feeders Moshi playing with the feeders. Every day we have to turn them back over. 153618808 mini calf by the feeder Mark built This guy was sold 153618809 Mini Filly born 5/7/2012 This beautiful mini filly is having a ball running and playing. She is sooo adorable. 156257154 mini filly born 4/17/13 She has been sold 181321069 silver dapple mini mare Wendy now lives in a new home in northern, IL 181321070 Alice the mini mare~SOLD Alice is a 34" mini mare 181321071 mini colt born 6/19/13 181321072 Diamond SOLD 183319433 miniature scottish highland bull This guy is a black, pure, mini Scottish Highland Bull for sale. He is 1 1/2 yrs old. He is 34-35" tall. SOLD 182594547 Moshi the Scottish Highland Bull Moshi is now living in his new home in TX. I miss him very much! 183319434 183319435 Sunny the Mini Highland Heifer Sunny has been sold with Moshi and now lives in TX 183319536 183319537 183319538 2 angora goats and a Nigora doe 183319539 Beautiful, blue eyed, Nigora Doe 183319540 Rescue kitty, he is adorable 183319541 Blue eyed Nigerian Dwarf Doe She is very pregnant, due this fall. She is for sale for $350 183320133 Nigerian Dwarf Doe 183320134 Nigerian Dwarf doeling, Blue eyed girl 183320135 Best Buddies, both blue eyed girls 183320136 Conner the Kune Kune pig 183320452 183320453 Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe 183320454 183320455 Bella my english bulldog 183320456 Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe 183320457 Hancock the rooster 183320458 183320459 Registered Nigerian Dwarf Buck 183320460 Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe 183320461 Trigger 183320462 183320463 183320464 183320465 183320466 183320467 183320468 183320469 183320470 Registered Nigerian Dwarf Goats 183320471 Blue Roan mini Stud 183320472 Chloe's New filly baby 2013 183320473 Libby The Kinkajou 183320474 183320475 183320476 183320477 Beautiful sunrise 183320478 Appaloosa Stud, Mini Horse with blue eyes 187370638 Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe with Blue eyes 187370639 Nubian nanny and the rescue kitty 187370640 187370641 Jellybean the Registered Babydoll Ewe Registered, Miniature Southdown Babydoll Ewe, pregnant for a spring lamb 187370642 Lambchop, Registered Southdown lamb 187370643 Manderian Drake Duck We have a trio of Manderians and hope to have ducklings for sale in 2014 187370644 187370645 Registered, Blue eyed, Nigerian Dwarf Buck 187370646 Registered Nigerian Dwarf, Blue Eyed does 187370648 Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe 187370649 Registered Nigerian Dwarf Doe, with Blue eyes 187370650 Blue eyed Nigerian Dwarf doeling 187370651 Registered, Nigerian Dwarf doelings These beautiful girls are from Prairie Wood Ranch in New Mexico 187370652 Oreo Blizzard, the blue eyed, Registered Nigerian Dwarf Buck 187370653 Mini Highlands 187370658 Thumbelina, Mini Filly, Super TINY girl 187370659 Snow Queen, Mini HIghland Cow and some goats 187370660